Nitro Accessories

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ProTek R/C is synonymous with high performance electronics, but we’re more than just a trusted source for incredible electric accessories. We have a huge selection of nitro specific accessories too! From 1/8 off road clutch components and air filters, to fuel guns, glow igniters, starter kits and tools, ProTek has the gear you need to keep your rig on point.

Two of the most critical aspects of an 1/8-scale off-road car are clutch engagement air intake. If your engine can’t breath, it can’t make power and if your clutch isn’t working, then your car cannot harness the power from the engine and turn it into fire breathing mayhem! Our selection of air filters will let your engine pull all the O2 it needs to keep the nitro fire burning, while our selection of Made in the USA clutch shoes, clutch bells and clutch hardware are exactly what you need to keep your engine hitting hard. When its time to strip it all down, our multi-wrench, shoe tool, wheel wrench and flywheel puller help to make the task easier and more enjoyable, while our selection of steel and ceramic engine bearings will keep that mill spinning smooth.

We also have AA pencil style and rechargeable sub-c type glow igniters so you can get your plugs hot, and nitro starter kits for those starting from scratch looking to grab a bunch of necessity tools in one package. Racers looking to save every last bit of time will love the speed and efficiency of the “Quick Pit” fuel gun. So if you want to keep your cars running at peak performance or you are looking for a reliable and cost effective solution for your nitro woe’s, push your car beyond good enough with ProTek Nitro accessories.