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From tough affordable servos, to competition ready high-voltage stump pullers, ProTek R/C’s 100, 200 and 300 series servos have the power to crush everything in their path. From the surface specific 100 series, to the 200 and 300 series aircraft servos, ProTek R/C servos provide lightning fast transit speeds, incredible torque, precision centering, high quality materials and reliable, consistent performance. ProTek R/C servos are more than an alternative, they are the answer.

T– is for torque. These servos are for applications that require strength rather than speed.

S– is for speed. These servos have faster transit speeds than their “torque” counterparts.

The ProTek R/C 100S and 100T servos are a perfect upgrade for the cheap servos included with a majority of the RTR grade cars on the market. The 100S is suited to smaller, lightweight vehicles that will benefit from quick transit speeds and the 100T is perfect for 1/10-scale trucks and heavier vehicles that need the additional torque.

The 130S and 130T servos are a great choice when you want precision control, durable metal gears and the flexibility of high voltage circuitry, but don’t want to spend a ton in the process. The 130S is a great servo for lightweight 1/10 electric cars at 6.0V. When you bump the voltage to 7.4V the 130S becomes a great choice for the steering and throttle in a 1/10 nitro touring car, or any application that requires fast response, and 150oz of torque. The 130T is a great option for heavier 1/10 cars and trucks at 6.0V, but at 7.4V it becomes a great servo for 1/8-scale nitro on-road and 1/8-scale nitro buggies.

The 150S and 150T servos feature an all-aluminum case that delivers incredible rigidity, a full metal gear train for durability and are nothing short of awesome. At 6.0V the 150S provides lightning fast transit speeds, with torque that makes it perfect for any 1/10 electric application. When you push the voltage to 7.4V the 150S is perfect for nitro touring cars. The 150T is an awesome choice for monster trucks, and rock crawlers, and at 7.4V it is a great servo for nitro monster trucks and all 1/8-scale nitro applications.

Team Edition 170S & 170T 
Chad Bradley is a legend in the world of R/C. A multiple time IFMAR 1/8 off road World Championship finalist with countless big race wins under his belt, Chad is one of our most respected and decorated drivers. That’s why we collaborated with Chad to develop the 170S and 170T  Team Edition servos. The Team Edition servos delivers the rapid, high speed response and torque that ProTek R/C team drivers demand, combined with the quality, reliability and customer support that our customers demand from ProTek R/C.

Helicopter enthusiasts now have access to servos that perform as good as or better than anything else out there, and are backed by the support of ProTek R/C. For a competitively priced setup that delivers on every level, we have the 230 series. The 230T high voltage cyclic servo and 230S tail servo combo features a tough metal gear train, 1520μs / 333 Hz working frequency and quality electronics, making them an ideal choice for any machine using standard size servos.

Discriminating heli pilots that want incredible performance combined with stunning good looks will reach for the ProTek 250 series servos. These servos are the same as our 230 series internally, with the same gear train, electronics and performance. The difference is the 250T and 250S servos feature an all-aluminum case set that provides incredible rigidity and heat dissipation, with impressive one-of-a-kind looks. So whether you’re a performance purist, or you are driven by aesthetics, the 230 and 250 series servos have the muscle and lightning fast response needed to move your head and rock your tail.