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ProTek R/C Batteries are only chosen after thorough scientific evaluation, combined with intense real world testing, providing our customers with a selection of batteries ranging from 35C to 100C rates to suit any application. This process allows us to sort through the junk and select only the finest packs to wear the ProTek name, providing our customers with a selection of incredible batteries to suit any application.

Surface Packs
Protek R/C surface packs deliver high discharge rates, combined with incredible capacities for applications ranging from Mini-Z’s to high voltage 1/5 scale machines. ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” packs deliver incredible punch and runtime for any vehicle, including electric 1/8 scale and 1S Pan Car’s, while our Sport Race 3S pack provides the power you need to squeeze every last MPH out of your Traxxas VXL equipped monster. Plus, we have awesome LiPo, LiFe and NiMh receiver packs for your nitro rig and LiPo and LiFe transmitter packs for your radio. We finish it off with a 4S pack to power your starter box and a few nickel packs for the kids. So whether you’re finishing up a kit or getting ready for the worlds, ProTek R/C has you covered. Don’t follow the pack; redefine the line – with ProTek R/C.

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Flight Packs
ProTek R/C “High Power” and “Supreme Power” flight packs deliver incredible discharge rates, combined with high capacities for a variety of aircraft applications. With 1S and 2S micro aircraft LiPo packs ranging from 25C to 35C, and 2S, 3S and 6S LiPo packs that range from 20C to 70C, ProTek R/C has a huge selection of packs that will keep your machine in the air longer.