Born in a garage from the blood and sweat of a man determined to provide enthusiasts with reliable and affordable products, ProTek R/C has become more than a source for bearings and o-rings. Scratch the surface of our product line and you will find a huge selection of  batteries, with a pack for any application. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a full range of incredibly powerful, multi-output power supplies that are the most innovative product in their class, combined with a family of affordable, reliable and powerful battery chargers. Once you get under the skin you’ll see we have a selection of high quality tools and pit gear, complimented by hauler bags, wire and nitro accessories.




Look up — we have a huge selection of gas and electric airplane props too! ProTek R/C offers the products you need to keep your gear running at peak performance. ProTek products are some of the most innovative products on the market today because the team of developers is comprised of genuine, die-hard RC enthusiasts. When we see a specific need or can improve on an existing product we don’t hesitate to bring that product to market.  All of ProTek R/C products are backed with industry leading customer service and incredible product support that we know will keep you coming back for more.