ProTek R/C Mugen 4-shoe Aluminum Clutch Shoes

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You can purchase the ProTek R/C Mugen 4-shoe clutch shoes HERE.

ProTek R/C offers Mugen 4-shoe kits in either 6061 Aluminum or 7075 shoes for the Mugen MBX and MGT vehicles equipped with the Mugen 4-shoe clutch (MUGE2709). ProTek R/C clutch shoes are designed to work with the Mugen 4-shoe flywheel to provide increased performance over the standard clutch shoe material. These shoes are precision machined from 6061 billet grade aluminum to provide a clutch shoe that is stable at high temperatures, offers consistent wear and increased clutch performance. ProTek R/C clutch shoes are an excellent option for high horsepower engines and harsh driving conditions, when the stock factory clutch shoes are not up to the task.
Mugen Style Clutch Shoe Weight: 1.2 Grams Each


  • (4) Clutch Shoe
  • (4) Clutch Shoe Shim

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