ProTek R/C Titanium Screw Kit for B6/B6D

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Shop for the B6/B6D ProTek R/C Titanium Screw kit HERE

The ProTek R/C Associated B6 & B6D Titanium Screw Kit is a 95 piece upgrade that includes the screws needed to replace all the stock hardware. In fact, this screw kit includes all the screws needed for the B6, with the exception of the motor screws.

Want to take performance to a higher level? Get closer to perfect with ProTek R/C Titanium Screws. Titanium delivers one of the highest strength-to-density ratios of any alloy. It is strong, much lighter than steel and is one of the best ways to quickly shed weight from your car. Plus, if you use ballast weights, titanium screws offer the advantage of eliminating chassis weight before having to equalize weight distribution.

ProTek R/C Titanium Screw Kits have been designed in-house by our leading technical experts and professional R/C drivers. Whereas some other brands use aluminum or low-grade Titanium, ProTek has searched for and found the best Titanium material for R/C applications. These kits are made to stringent standards to deliver the most comprehensive kit on the market. Don’t be fooled by cheaper, inferior kits that only include half of the screws you need.

To Maximize the life of ProTek R/C Titanium Screws:

  • Never use with a worn Allen hex tip.
  • Never use in areas where Loctite is to be used.
  • Never use in high stress areas, such as shock mounts or chassis braces.

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