ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” 100C “Shorty” Pack Now 5400mah (ROAR Approved)

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To purchase the ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” 5400mah “Shorty” Pack visit AMain HERE

This ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” 100C Shorty LiPo Battery Pack is ROAR/EFRA/IFMAR approved and built using a hard plastic case that is required for use at sanctioned tracks and events. The battery features 2C charge rates and 5mm bullet connectors, with a set included, as well as an included 2mm connector. Plus, a set of 5mm to 4mm adapters are included so you can continue to use your 4mm charge leads to charge your battery!

This high capacity 5400mAh “shorty” style battery pack is perfect for any application that can benefit from the reduced weight of a smaller battery, and uses 5mm bullet connectors for an ultra low resistance connection. In fact the battery tubes can be accessed from either side of the case, allowing you to position the battery terminals in the direction that best suits your application!

This battery can also be used in a 2 x 2S saddle pack configuration for 1/8 electric buggy, and is an ideal choice for this application. These two batteries combined weigh more than 100 grams less than a standard 5000mAh 4S pack. The reduced weight and ability to move the weight forward or back allow you to better tune the weight bias on a lighter, more nimble chassis for improved power, speed, handling and jumping performance.

Hi-Voltage Capable
This specially formulated battery features LiHV technology which allows the cells to safely reach a higher overall voltage (4.35V per cell vs standard 4.20V per cell). Achieving the higher voltage does require a LiHV capable charger, but the power gains are significant to the overall punch and power for the model. This battery can also charge and function perfectly at typical 2S voltages (8.4V), but please note: cell voltages exceeding 4.20V per cell is prohibited from sanctioned racing rules, such as ROAR, IFMAR, etc.


  • Lightweight Shorty Pack
  • 100C Discharge Rate
  • 2C Charge Rates
  • Hi-Voltage LiHV Capable
  • Durable 5mm Bullets
  • Includes 4mm to 5mm Bullet Adapters
  • ROAR Approved
Battery Model Supreme Power 100C
ROAR Approved Yes
Type Lithium Polymer
Capacity 5400mAh
Voltage 7.4V nominal
Connector Type
5mm Bullet
Balance Connector 2mm Bullet
Number of Cells 2 Cell
Configuration 2S2P
Dimensions (WxLxH) 46.5×96.5×25.5mm
Maximum Charge Rate 2C (10.8A)
Continuous Discharge 100C (540A)
Watt Hour
Weight 222g

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