ProTek R/C “TruTrim” Window Trim Sets (B5M & TLR 22 3.0)

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Available for JConcepts “S2”, Team Associated ASC91538, Pro-Line Predator and TLR 230007.

Want an easy way to paint professional window pinstripes? The ProTek R/C “TruTrim” Window Trim Set offers just that with easy-to-use vinyl masks that you simply stick on and peel off, without the use of liquid masks, exacto knifes or scoring the body.

The set includes two sets of masks – one marked “A” and one marked “B” – for both side windows and the windshield. Set “A” is the standard window mask size and is used first while painting the body. Once body painting is finished and you’re ready to trim the windows, remove set “A” and apply the smaller set “B” directly in the center of the windows. When placed correctly, set “B” will leave 0.1″ or 2.5mm of clear pinstripe space around the window to be painted.


  • Fits Team Losi Racing TLR230007 body
  • Crisp professional window pinstripe
  • 0.1″ / 2.5mm pinstripe size
  • Vinyl material
  • Made in the USA

Shop for the ProTek R/C Window Masks at AMain: Window Masks

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