ProTek R/C 160T Low Profile Digital “High Torque” Metal Gear Servo

protek160T ProTek R/C’s new 160T Low Profile Digital “High Torque” Servo is ready to meet the demands of the serious 1/10 and 1/12-scale racer. Featuring a robust 274 oz-in of torque at a lighting quick .06 transit speed at 7.4V, the 160T’s small profile belies its power within. The metal drivetrain of the 160T glides on a full set of ball bearings and the entire unit is protected by an all-aluminum case. The gray-anodized case not only looks sharp and speaks to the servo’s quality but it also effectively dissipates heat. With over 17 pounds of torque it was essential to ship the 160T with a blue-anodized aluminum servo horn and aluminum servo ear guides.

To shop for the ProTek R/C 160T Low Profile Digital “High Torque” Servo: ProTek R/C 160T 


  • 0.08 transit speed, and 216 oz-in of torque @ 6.0V
  • 0.06 transit speed, and 274 oz-in of torque @ 7.4V
  • Coreless motor
  • Full aluminum case
  • Low-Profile case saves space and weight
  • Ideal for any 1/12 to 1/10 scale vehicle application
  • High voltage circuitry
  • Aluminum single arm servo horn
  • Full metal gears and dual ball bearings
  • 160mm long 22awg connector wire w/gold plated connectors


  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V – 7.4V
  • Operating Temperature: 14° to 140° F (-10 to +60° C)
  • Operating Speed @ 6.0V: 0.08/60° sec
  • Operating Speed @ 7.4V: 0.06/60° sec
  • Dynamic Torque @ 6.0V: 216 oz-in (15.5 kg-cm)
  • Dynamic Torque @ 7.4V: 274 oz-in (19.7 kg-cm)
  • Motor Type: High Efficiency Coreless Motor
  • Output Shaft: 25 Tooth
  • Gears: Metal
  • Weight: 54.5g
  • Pulse/Frequency: 1520μs / 333hz

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